You Don’t Need a Monogram Font to Make a Monogram

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I’m going to start out talking about traditional monograms, but I suspect I will digress! One thing I will say is that I DO NOT recommend the Monogram App unless you are only doing small monograms. The resolution of the monogram is small and the bigger you make it, the more jagged it cuts.

For a married couple, the monogram is traditionally: wife first LAST hubby first. Debbie and Allen Smith. First one, gont is freebie – Modern Typography. Second is a combo of Century Black and Campbell.

Screenshot 2015-05-16 12.05.47                Screenshot 2015-05-16 12.14.48


While a couple’s monogram should have a larger middle initial, an individual’s monogram does not. If it does, the order is: first LAST middle (or maiden initial). If the initials are all one size, they should be FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST.

Kathy Anne Connor’s monogram would look like this:

Screenshot 2015-05-16 12.58.13


If the middle letter is larger, it is the last name. This is a freebie called Riesling.

Screenshot 2015-07-05 18.07.52

Updating with a recent discovery – Michelle FLF. This is a font on Dafont also, so it’s free for personal use. There is no info about commercial use. I just checked the site and saw that it went from 4 downloads the day I found it to 430 downloads yesterday, so I hope it’s because people saw the pictures I posted on FB. This font developer deserves to be recognized!

Screenshot 2015-05-24 09.47.48


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