How to Use Ornaments in Fonts to Make Frames & Banners

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Adorn Banners from Laura Worthington is part of the Marigold Package on Mighty Deals. This is actually a font. You receive a guide that shows the end pieces and the middle pieces and you put them together. Here’s a sample from the guide:

It’s incredibly easy to do. For the banner above, I typed q99t. The type in the banner is from the same package. It’s Adorn Engraved.

The frame below is from another font in that package called Harlean. It is a little harder to do because it involves flipping and rotating letters. Just type each one in a separate text box and then move and flip them.Screenshot 2015-06-23 11.48.48

The font for this is also Harlean. Notice that it looks handwritten and is a bit distressed. This style looks great when you are cutting from matte vinyl.

Here’s a little “How-to”

I am working on a Mac, but on a PC you would use either the Character Map or Nexus (if you have a PC and you don’t have Nexus, you don’t know what you’re missing! This tutorial is for the bottom frame.

  1. In Silhouette, start a text box with Samantha Upright (I used bold, but you don’t have to). Set the size at 200 points. I type in a letter as a place holder just so I can see everything. I delete it later.
  2. Using Font Book on a Mac or Character Map or Nexus on a PC, locate the ornament you want (you have to scroll through a lot of glyphs to get there) and copy it.
  1. Paste it twice inside the text box and if you used a placeholder, delete that. I used a fill on mine to make it easier to see, but it’s not necessary.

  1. Now ungroup them and select one.
  2. Right Click and select FLIP VERTICALLY

  1. Move into position.

    If after reading my blog, you decide to purchase from Mighty Deals or Creative Market, I would appreciate your using my affiliate links in the Links Section.


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