Making a Circle Monogram in SCAL-4

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Before yesterday, I kind of knew what the Bulge effect was on SCAL-4. After all, I am a retired teacher and used Word Art in Publisher and MS Word more times than I can count. But, when preparing for my post on comparisons, I took note of all the different options available. This morning I started playing with them to see if I could create a passable circle monogram. Guess what? I could!

So lets begin:

  1. Type your monogram. A bold text seems to work best. I used Arial Black for this one.


  2. With your text selected, go the Effects Menu and select Bulge.


  3. You will have a box pop up with your options. This is where the playing begins. You want to get your text as close to an oval or circle. You will want to select Opposite for top and bottom and make sure that Auto Preview is checked


  4. Now you just play with the settings to get the best looking one. These were my settings for this one. I can see I will have to edit the bottom point of that A, but that’s not a problem


This works with other fonts also. You just have to play around a little. Look for fonts that are Upright and Bold.

With Samantha Bold Upright



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