Making an Easy Monogram Frame in Studio Using Fonts

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Look through your Wingding fonts for something that might make a cute element in a monogram frame. For this example, I chose the font Wingdings 2 and the letter A. I made 10 of these at these settings and drew a 7″ circle.

I will be adjusting the number of characters and the size in a bit.

The next step is to drag the font to circle to get it on the path. You want to double click on the characters. You will see a little + sign appear. Click on that plus sign and drag it over to the circle. The text will wrap itself around the perimeter of the circle and you will have something like this:

If you have a large gap fill in a few more characters. The next step will be to bring the characters closer together so that they overlap slightly and can be welded. That is done in the character spacing option under text.

Highlight all the characters by clicking at the beginning (right of the + sign) and dragging around.

Next look at the Text Menu to the right and select the Character Spacing slider. Slide it to the left until you have a slight overlap. Then go back in and fill in more characters. If you are left with a gap, go to the next step. If not, skip that step.

See the arrow pointing to a slight gap. We have to take care of that before we get to welding. There are a few ways to take care of it. You can try to increasing or decreasing the character spacing or increasing the size of the characters. In this case, my spacing is so small that I will take two adjoining letters and just make them a bit larger to complete the overlap. I do this by highlighting them and upping the font size a little at a time.

See how they touch now.

Now you are going to ungroup everything and click on the circle to delete it. You will be left with only the characters.

Select everything and weld.

Screenshot 2015-07-05 18.27.36


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