Alter the D in the Circle Monogram & a Rant

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If you’ve already purchased an Etsy font, be sure to check out how to use it in this post. HOW TO USE ETSY FONTS

Today’s post is a rant post. I am sick and tired of Etsy sellers who try to pass off someone else’s hard work as their own. This goes double for people who try to sell FREE stuff as their own. I worked for 6 months to create a file of circular monograms (more fisheye than actual circle). I sent it out to more than a dozen testers, accepted feedback and made adjustments. I am now offering it free with certain purchases hoping for more feedback until I put it up for sale.

First part of rant:

Created from scratch looks and cuts better than tracing. Look at the picture below. That is from my Etsy Shop. You can see my original picture without the watermark. What happens when I trace it, and the original SVG. When this was cut, the traced image took almost 2 minutes more to cut because of the nodes. The larger you cut the image, the more exaggerated the differences will be. Cutting like this leads to lifting or tearing of vinyl since the blade is moving so much in such small increments.

Now, lets look at some traces on Etsy that are just not worth your money. These are just the first few that popped up when I did a search on Etsy. There are literally hundreds of these for sale.

The first is from They provide a monogram app where you email the monogram to yourself. Here is an example of some of their more unique characters that you can get for free.

Now let’s take a look at some “fonts” for sale on Etsy. Do you think this person is better at simple tracing than you are? Probably not.

Now for the real Circle Font by Harold’s Fonts and available on Font Brothers with a sort of convoluted license. $20

Really don’t like some of these letters, but this is a traditional, European style circular font.

Some Etsy sellers sell it as is and some have altered some of the letters to make them more American. Some even have the NERVE to include commercial licenses or charge you extra for a commercial license. Note that if Font Bros. catches you, you’re still in trouble! And, they do periodically scan Etsy. More than one person has posted on the Silhouette groups and Etsy groups that they’ve received Cease and Desist letters.

This person is “cagey.” She’s smart enough not to post the entire alphabet. She will also offer to sell you a “commercial” license for a font she doesn’t even own. You can still be hit up with a lawsuit for using it!

This is one of literally dozens of this particular alphabet being offered. It looks a lot like the Font Bros Circle Font but the ‘d’ is different on the left. This makes it seem like it’s well worth buying at $10. It’s an original so I won’t get in trouble using it. I can prove that because the ‘d’ is different. Right? The shop even puts this in their ad (read the second line and then look at the next picture):

I’ll show you how to do this at the end of this post.

Now onto Vine Monograms

There are 3 basic Vine Monograms that you can find on Etsy that should not be sold. Two are available on for free and the third is another Harold’s Font from Font Bros.

Let’s start with Free Monogram from Dafont. The README file that comes with this download states that it is free to use for any purpose EXCEPT YOU MAY NOT SELL THE FONT FILE IN ANY FORM.

This is long enough for today. I think I’ll do a Part 2 next week. In the meantime, here’s how I did the ‘d’ from the circle font.


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