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New Laura Worthington Package Available

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People ask me how I make my banners and frames. The answer is that they are fonts! I love ornamental fonts, and some of my favorites come from Laura Worthington. Here is an example of how I used her Adorn Banners and other font extras. Except for the camera, which I made, all parts of this are fonts.

The banner is from Adorn Ornaments. I bought the Adorn Banners as part of the Adorn package that was available for a week on the Fontaholics site for $99. Now Mighty Deals has this as part of a great package for only $37.

It also includes other fonts with ornaments. It was worth it for me, even though I already owned half the package.

You know that putting fonts together is difficult for many. This package and any of Laura’s family fonts make it so much easier because they all mesh well. This particular package is all distressed type fonts, so if you like them, go for them. If it’s not your cup of tea, there are some smooth versions of these, but not in this package.

Here’s something I’ve been playing with this morning with some of the fonts that are new to me.

Later today, I’ll post a tutorial about how to put banners together.

If you decide to purchase this, or anything else from Mighty Deals, please use my links. I get credit and can buy more things to play with and bring you tutorials.